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The Real Reason Johnny Can't Read: Bad Parenting

•, by PJ Media

It's not often that I agree with education analyst Diane Ravitch, who is rabidly anti-school choice and anti-religious, but she's right to call out the latest government boondoggle that's supposed to magically teach kids to read. She opined last month: There is no "science of reading." There is no "science of teaching math" or any other academic skill or study. If someone can identify a district where every single student reads at a proficient level on state tests, I will change my view. I await the evidence. Like No Child Left Behind and Common Core before it, the "Science of Reading" is just another excuse to line the coffers of education bureaucrats and textbook publishers.

A story at AMP Reports titled "'Science of reading' movement spells financial trouble for publisher Heinemann" notes that "The educational publisher raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue during […]