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Satanic billionaires are funding thousands of "journalists" to promote the global...

•, Lance D Johnson

Satanic billionaires are publishing their plans for humanity, right out in the open. A new report from the Earth Journalism Network (EJN) sheds light on a vast global grooming program that targets mainstream media journalists, activist organizations and "independent" journalist to parrot climate doom propaganda.

This initiative, funded by green billionaires, heavily emphasizes the promotion of Net Zero carbon agendas put forth by the United Nations (UN) and other globalists. The report unveils a concerning trend where journalists are financially incentivized to 'balance' their climate change reporting, and acquiesce to climate change narratives.

The EJN report serves as a global benchmark for climate and environmental journalism, highlighting journalism's reliance on elite, billionaire funding and strict adherence to climate doom propaganda. It suggests an unethical shift from journalistic objectivity, a trend observed online through "independent journalism" -- a trend that is prompting a complete re-evaluation of journalistic practices.

Journalistic integrity at stake as billionaires buy influence around the globe

Over the past two decades, mainstream journalism has faltered in its objectivity and honesty. Consequently, billionaire foundations have filled the void, taking advantage of declining circulation and advertising revenues by providing grants of their own. Their funding comes with strings attached, of course. These billionaires are trying to train journalists and mold their reporting to fulfill communist goals for humanity, and to shape society in a way that profits and empowers global agendas.

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