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The Plot To Destroy Our Children

• - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Last week, a conversation with a waitress disturbed me a lot. She told me that she was homeschooling her sixteen-year old son, who is autistic, because she was afraid that he would be subjected to "tranny" propaganda and encouraged to "transition" to being a woman. Even worse, he might be put in touch with "doctors" who would mutilate him by injecting him with hormones and even castrating him, all without his parents' knowledge. You might think the waitress was exaggerating—we all know that public schools are bad, but can they be that bad? If she is right, the schools would be monstrously evil. They would be downright satanic.

She is indeed right. In what follows, I'll discuss the "tranny" movement and what they are doing to our children. It's a tale that will upset you, but you need to know about it, so we can do everything we can to stop it.

The tranny movement contends that some people think they are really men, but trapped in a female body, or really women, trapped in a male body. We are talking about "men" and "women" as people understand these terms in ordinary language. There are a few people who are born with abnormalities that make them hard to classify, but they aren't what the tranny movement is primarily interested in.