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What did General Longstreet really think about General Lee at the end of the Civil War?

• arclein

There have probably been a few doctorates handed out for good answers to this one. Remember that they had known each other for a long time. Lee had been a right hand man to Winfield Scott in the Mexican war. He scouted ways around the Mexican army several times enabling Scott with a modest army moving quickly to overpower a far larger Mexican force. Lessons learned in Mexico informed much of the Confederate tactics during the Civil War and, while valuable would eventually lead to Lee's downfall. Longstreet served in Taylor's army before the forces combined for the lead up to the attack on Mexico City. He and Grant were bosom pals during their West Point time and after, primarily at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis. It was here that Grant met Julia Dent, the daughter of a wealthy farmer, business man and slave holder and she was Longstreet's fourth cousin. Longstreet was Grant's best man at his wedding to Julia.