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Food Corruption: Fake Meat, GMOs, and Beyond

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By Tracy Thurman

In my last three articles, we examined the global war on farmers, the culprits behind the agenda, and the tactics used to prepare the public for the destruction of our food freedom. Today we will cover some of the projects and products that will be used to take away your right to access healthy foods.

Most readers are likely familiar with GMOs and how genetically modified organisms have been shown to cause significant health problems, how they have ruined the lives of independent farmers who are sued after their land is involuntarily contaminated by Monsanto seeds, and how glyphosate use has risen thanks to Roundup Ready GMO crops. Unfortunately, corruption of the food supply is advancing far beyond this.

DARPA, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has granted millions of dollars to researchers to turn military plastic waste into a bacterial protein powder that can be fed to humans.

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