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Watch: RFK Jr. declares 'carbon fundamentalism' hijacking environmental movement...

•, By Marc Morano

RFK Jr.: "President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act will drive billions of dollars into hair-brained carbon reduction projects like offshore wind, which produces energy at five times the cost of onshore wind and does enormous harm to dolphins and whales. Carbon fundamentalism, which values the reduction of carbon above all else, overlooks the reasons most people want to protect the environment in the first place, such as saving rare species and habitats. As I told ?@MeatEaterTV? host Steven Rinella, this may constitute the biggest mistake the environmental movement has ever made."

Full Transcript from video interview: "I think one of the big mistakes the environmental movement has made is to become kind of carbon fundamentalists and to forget about the issues that made us all environmentalists — which is saving the oceans, and saving the soils, and saving habitat, and keeping our kids safe from toxins.

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