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Are Women Hardwired To Care for Men?

•, By Elizabeth Nickson

This is a repost from The Fiamengo File wherein two women discuss feminist psychopathy and the choice of childlessness. If it's too long, skip to the case studies of miserable women of every age in therapy trying to figure out from whence the misery. Every single young woman you know must read this, at least consider it. A full third are choosing not to breed. And if the stats hold, 90% of them will regret it, some bitterly.

They have been lied to. Childless women – particularly boomers in their senior years – never ever discuss the misery of skipping children. I know dozens, if not hundreds of them, GenX too, and for that solid 90% it is an enduring sorrow.

I am not a biological determinist, nor am I from a family that favors one choice or another. My stay-at-home mother advised my daughter to go back to work after she had twins, even though she already had a toddler. Luckily her employer was fully supportive. One of my grandmothers was a prairie schoolteacher; the other was a socialite who went round the world ten times; toss up as to who was more satisfied with herself, but I tend towards the prairie schoolteacher, though we can easily guess who had the most hedonistic fun..

But these two thinkers below go deeper, suggesting that there is an inescapable bio-dynamic between men and women, that together, they are stronger, in that they serve one another. Shorn of that, we falter and run to neurosis, even madness. As a collective, I suspect, we are seeing the latter.

There is no right course, there is only choice. And information. This is meant as the latter, more data coming in from the generations that fell for feminist ideology.

Janice Fiamengo, a retired English professor steps up.