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War, Yet?

•, By eric

The Keeeeeeeeeeeeevians may have pushed the proverbial button that sent the missiles on their way but it was America – more finely, the regime that rules Americans – that provided the missiles and (apparently) the support needed to guide them to their target.

Bluntly – in honest language – America just attacked Russia.

It is nothing less than astounding that Russia has not attacked back. Yet. But – of a certainty – it's coming. Because that is what happens when a country is attacked. It hits back – in self-defense – at the country that attacked it.

That country is not Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev. Just as – for those who still remember such things – it would not have been Cuba that attacked the United States back in 1962, the last time the world came this close to nuclear war. The missiles in Cuba were Russian – and JFK publicly stated that any missile fired from Cuba would be regarded as an attack by Russia (then the Soviet Union) upon the United States and that the United States would respond accordingly.

Everyone – including the leadership of the Soviet Union – understood exactly what that would entail. If the "Cubans" fired a Soviet-provided missile at the United States, the United States would return fire – with nuclear missiles.

We were this close.

And now we are, again.

The harrowing difference, this time, is that psychopaths are in charge of the United States. JFK was a womanizer – and what a difference that makes. He had no desire to see either the Soviet Union or the United States immolated in a nuclear holocaust.

Over Cuba.

And neither did the Soviet leader, Nikita Kruschev. He was many things also – but (thankfully) not a psychopath. The two men were able to reason together and arrive at a solution to end what would come to be called the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviets agreed to remove their ballistic missiles from Cuba and the United States agreed to do the same in Turkey, which was at that time a proxy.