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Police Raid Berwyn Heights Mayor's Home, Kill His 2 Dogs

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well lets count the interesting items to this story.

One, in Arizona package shipping (presumably FedEx, DHL or UPS) they routinely use police dogs to sniff all your packages for drugs. Those with positive hits are apparently singled out ship to their destination so police disguised as delivery men can deliver the package ... so far unopened and therefor the contents not confirmed (only the dogs **QQ**word**QQ** on it). There after waiting for someone to pick it up and carry it inside does a county SWAT team kick in the door guns a blazing. Can you say boycott in these hard economic times.

2. Killing the dogs (and stomping the cats) is standard operating procedure for SWAT. When confronted with the obvious...that a toy poodle would pose no threat...the reply changes to they pose a threat by getting in the way and could hurt a cop who stumbled over them. Don**Q**t ever let some SWAT puke tell you different. THey like killing your pets and smashing your property as much as roughing you up. The only thing better is killing your kids and getting away with it to have a good laugh around the barbie.

3. The Chief of Police confirms that had they only known it was the mayor**Q**s house he would have received special treatment. They only kill your pets. King**Q**s men are normally exempt.

4. The cops do this routinely, and the mayor is upset that he got to experience first hand what his constituents (and customers?) get to enjoy.

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