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JUST IN: After Endorsing Trump, Model and TV Personality Amber Rose Expected to Speak...

• By Jordan Conradson

According to a press release from the Trump campaign, the program themes for the 2024 RNC, dubbed the "Make America Great Once Again" Convention, are as follows:

Monday: Make America Wealthy Once Again 

Tuesday: Make America Safe Once Again 

Wednesday: Make America Strong Once Again 

Thursday: Make America Great Once Again 

Rose, once a Democrat and organizer of the feminist movement 'SlutWalk,' recently changed her tune on the right and the famous slogan "Make America Great Again." One would think that all liberal feminists would rise up against Biden's illegal aliens raping and murdering American women and grown men ruining women's sports.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Amber Rose, the wife of rapper Wiz Khalifa, recently endorsed President Trump, slamming the left's radical ideas about abortion and males taking over female sports and adding, "I'll ALWAYS put women first."