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Exodus Propulsion Propellentless Drive Gets Mainstream Coverage

•, by Brian Wang

They claim they can produce over 1G of thrust for a lightweight device. IF this claim is true then they could make spaceships that could go to Mars in 5 days and reach near light lightspeed in a year. They would need to constantly produce thrust in space with an array of lightweight devices.

Exodus Technology has new videos of the device rotating a lab device with visible and controlled motion on their website.

Dr. Charles Buhler and Exodus Technologies claims that systems with electrostatic pressure differences or electrostatic divergent fields gives systems with a center of mass with non-zero force component (aka generate movement). Buhler is NASA's subject matter expert on electrostatics. They want to move to demo the system in orbit. These kinds of claims are controversial but the work seems to be thorough. It will only cost about $500k to $1M to create a rideshare mission into orbit to test the system. The mass of an early orbital system would greatly exceed the active materials of the propulsion, which would reduce performance. High performance space propulsion would need to increase the active materials as a percentage of the mass of the craft. Nextbigfuture covered that they were getting millinewtons of force but they reduced the weight of the device to the point where the ground based test could cancel out the mass. In effect producing an counter to gravity effect.

Dr. Charles Buhler and Exodus Technologies have been interviewed by popular media personality Glenn Beck.

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