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Just Like This Guy, Our Country Can Only Go Out On A Limb So Far Before It Finally Snaps

•, By Michael

I think that is a perfect metaphor for what we are facing as a country.  Our politicians in Washington have artificially propped up our economy for years by piling up 34 trillion dollars in debt, and the "experts" at the Federal Reserve have artificially propped up the financial markets for years by pumping trillions upon trillions of dollars that they created out of thin air into the system.  But now we are so far out on a limb that there is no way back, and there is no safety net below.  Ultimately, our fate will be the same as this guy…

Heart-stopping video footage shows the moment a Florida man plummets 60 feet into a creek after a branch he was standing on broke beneath him.

Christopher James Sikes Smalley was enjoying a day at Crystal Springs, a popular swimming spot in Vernon, when a branch he was climbing on snapped.

A clip shows Smalley hanging on to a branch above him with one hand and balancing on top of another.

Suddenly, the branch below Smalley gave way, causing him to fall and hitting other branches before landing in the water.

Fortunately, Smalley was not killed.

But this was a fall that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

I had to write about this, because it reminded me of what so many people out there are going through right now.

Millions of Americans are currently experiencing their own individual "economic collapses", and that includes a lifelong Democratic in Pennsylvania named Stacey Ellis that was recently interviewed by the BBC

She has switched stores, cut out brand-name items like Dove soap and Stroehmann bread, and all but said goodbye to her favourite Chick-fil-A sandwich.