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Lessig Predicts Cyber 9/11 Event, Restrictive Laws

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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At its least cynical, you can bet that just like pre-911, the bureaucrats in ALL the federal agencies are sitting on a pile of intrusive, coercive, invasive and punitive laws and regulations they wish to implement to make their tasks at observing and manipulating the Internet and your computers easier. And the only thing stopping them is fear of you taking up arms. Becoming much less of a fear over time.

They just patiently wait -- and as the conspiratorial would say patiently plan -- until an event happens that required their benevolent intervention to protect you and your family from the attacking horde.

Currently such is happening in the economy where the events have not only been patiently planned but implemented in plain sight. Now that the dollar is collapsing, those responsible NEED more authority to regulate the collapsing dollar further. Because this obviously isn**Q**t their fault, they have been managing the dollar just fine these past eight decades. So it must be someone else**Q**s fault: Mexicans, speculators, foreign governments, whomever is convenient for you to slip the noose over. Paying no attention to the man in the booth.

And so, like wars, crime, and the economy now your lines of communication must be gotten back under their control. So a wave of instantaneous pension plan robberies via the Internet, a massive child pornography syndicate uncovered, a major city**Q**s infrastructure suddenly starts to misbehave due to hackers and the cry of protect me from the Internet will reach a happy to oblige you crescendo of CyberPATRIOT ACT (I).

OK, everything is fixed now. You can go back to your computers . . . after you register them of course, pay your yearly Internet access licensing fee and pass the mandatory annual eight hour safe handling of a computer and online experience course. We**Q**re from the government, and we are only here to help.

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