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White House criticizes Russia for ‘disproportionate’ military response

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Comment by Ken Owens
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This is the height of reprehension and hypocrisy if ever I**Q**ve seen it. Here we have Bush and Cheney, a murderous Nazi criminal regime of the worst kind, in an illegal war with Iraq, threatening and set on starting another illegal war with Iran, while in the process of the highest of treason to deliver this country to a Marxist/Nazi totalitarian NWO dictatorship calling another country**Q**s military response **QQ**disproportionate**QQ**. Although Russia**Q**s response is in fact **QQ**disproportionate**QQ** to say the least the last people on earth in a position to open their evil lying mouth is Bush and Cheney. Even though they are simply following the directives of their **QQ**puppet masters**QQ**, the ultimate of criminals, the Bilderbergs, Tri laterals, Facade FED, CFR, IMF, etc. it is repulsive that these two demons from hell could utter such words concerning any evil anywhere at any time given the fact that none can compare to the evil they have and continue to be involved in. There will indeed be a corner of hell hotter than all the rest of hell preserved for these two.

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