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Most companies in US avoid federal income taxes

• Associated Press

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Comment by Ed Price
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The less the corporations pay in income tax, the less they pass on to the consumer. This is supply and demand in action. Would you want a corporation to pay double? Should they first pay it on the corporation, and then pay it on the same money again as earnings that the corporate officers receive from the corporation? Think of how much the prices of goods would go up if that were to happen.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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What this article shows is major corporations lobby CONgress and your state governments for special treatment in the form of rebates, waivers, loopholes, etc. to the detriment of their competition. Further you see a massive make work opportunity for corporate accountants and lawyers to administer these loopholes. And your CONgress,an gets the bribes, er contributions, paid vacations, jobs for the relations, corporate board appointments, business for the former law firm, you know the usual (bribes).

Comment by Powell Gammill
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NO business inside the United States, or indeed the world has EVER paid taxes. Oh sure, various governments charge them taxes, and most of you applaud it when corporate/ business tax rates are increased. But 100% of those taxes are passed onto the consumer of the goods and services being purchased from those businesses to ah . . . why that would be you. Suckers!!!!

And you thought your CONgressman or Mayor was your friend.

OK, I lied. The ONLY time a business pays taxes is when it is going out of business. The Fed and your CONgress, not to mention your state, county and local governments have arranged for many businesses to pay taxes lately. Unemployed suckers!!!!

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