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Bill Gross: U.S. Must Buy Assets To Prevent 'Financial Tsunami'


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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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What a bunch of self-serving tripe! Bad business or investment decisions must bear their natural consequences OR THE MARKET DOESN**Q**T WORK. A functioning market is probably the foremost requirement for a prosperous society.

Time to swallow that shotgun barrel, dude. You bet on the wrong horse.

Comment by Ron Moss
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If you agree with this story I have a bridge to sell you. Google **QQ**Federal Reserve Fraud**QQ**

Comment by Ed Price
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What is money? Isn**Q**t it just the stored up labor of people? Even the idea of money being stored up property is only accurate when it is included with the idea of stored up labor of people. This is because a money owner can only consume a certain limited amount of goods in his life.

How does a person store up money? Doesn**Q**t he do it by creating a perceived value in the minds of people with regard to some commodity or instrument that he calls **QQ**money?**QQ**

Some of the things we called money or stored up labor or value in the past simply do not stand up to the value test anymore. Because of this, whole money systems are collapsing.

To avoid losing money/value/their labor, people need to re-evaluate what it is that they really place value on. Is it a banking system that shares the wealth, or one that grabs it up in interest and foreclosures. Is it a presidential candidate who talks a good talk, or one that walks a good walk? Is it simply passing greatness, or might it be surpassing greatness - the thing that the banking system and the Democrat and Republican parties have kept us from for the last 100 years or so?

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