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Jesse Ventura questions the media

• Phoenix Revolution TV

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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You don`t know that not even blood was found at the PA crash site?
Did you know that no baggage was found either?
Did you know that no bodies were found at the crash site?
No barf bags,No avionics,....Nothing!!
Why won`t you ask the **QQ**Media**QQ** to ask those questions?
Why dosn`t ONE TRUE AMERICAN that works for the **QQ**NTSB**QQ** come forward and tell his/her story?
They are Cowards,that`s why.Just another American Coward that lives in the **QQ**Home of the Brave**QQ**..ha ha ha..**QQ**Home of the Brave**QQ**...right! **Q**Home of Ignorant War Monger Youth**QQ** is more like it.
Our youth has chosen to fight an unconstitutional war over defending the **QQ**Constitution**QQ**...what does that tell you? I don`t think our recruiters are doing bad.Americas home of the brave youth is at the Recruiters door everyday.Do you see them defending the constitution?....NO! They,most likely have never read it.If they,our Youth,have read the **QQ**Constitution**QQ** and still chose the fight the Unconstitutional War**QQ**,and not defend the **QQ**Constitution**QQ**, there is need to be concerned about the future of America,for sure.


Comment by Robert Jackman
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The above hi def version is something everyone should see for themselves. Evidence of video manipulation in real time on 911

Comment by Robert Jackman
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Jesse is one of a brave few willing to ask questions.

It**Q**s up to us to force the issue with media and neighbors, Jesse can**Q**t do this for us.

Here is a file on BitTorrent that we can share that expands the knowledge of Conspiracy by some to commit Crimes and Treason against America concerning 911. It**Q**s a hi def version of the You Tube files called **QQ**September Clues**QQ**

original from

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Phoenix Revolution TV....woot

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Ya, they**Q**re losers! It made for some good video though :) I liked seeing Jesse get fired up.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Here is the East Valley Tribune**Q**s coverage of the press conference.

As far as I can tell the Arizona Republic, the paper of record for the state, did not find Mr. Ventura**Q**s comments worthy of reporting, despite the fact that the guy holding the microphone on the left of Mr. Ventura (i.e., the right side of your screen in the video) for most of the session, asking most of the questions...and getting deliciously grilled, a Mr. Matthew(s)?, was asking most of the questions. Sweet!

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