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Did 'Spore' copy protections backfire on EA?

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Did you know that when you buy, install, and use this game, you are being watched by EA as to how you use it? By clicking on **QQ**I have read the agreement**QQ** button (which is required to install/use it) you allow them access to your computer and agree to them monitoring it**Q**s use, and if you do something they don**Q**t LIKE, they can stop your using WHAT YOU PAID FOR altogether!
I have a good friend that has two sons, a seventh grader and a sixth grader. They bought this game, and installed it, and began to use it to create all these wild and wacky creature - and they loved it. Well, being pre-teen boys, they named one of their creatures **QQ**Penisaurus**QQ**. Funny.
But not to EA...
All of a sudden, they had a pop-up come onto their computer from someone at EA that scolded them for doing something that was against the **Q**terms of useage**Q** and that if they didn**Q**t delete the offending item, they would be prevented from using **Q**their**Q** product (whoever **Q**they**Q** are - I still haven**Q**t determined if they ment EA or the purchasers.)
I uninstalled and deleted everything having to do with this program for them, and the kids don**Q**t use it anymore.
Moral of the story? READ ALL EULAs (End User Licensing Agreement) BEFORE BUYING AND INSTALLING ANY COMPUTER PROGRAM! They make them long and boring so you WON**Q**T read them, but you HAVE to understand what you are agreeing to in ANY agreement!
Common sense isn**Q**t all that common anymore.....

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