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Obama: Gaffes and Palin Have Obama Playing Defense

• Nancy Morgan

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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America use to be the most loved,admired country on earth.
Now! your the most hated people on earth.
You have become so stupid it`s unbelievable.
Look at you choices for President...Right! You have none.
You can`t even get an honest person on the floor to ask a question.
You can`t even get an honest person into a **QQ**Town Hall Meeting**QQ**,it`s all rigged.You have NOTHING to say about anything.You have become a bunch of greedy,helpless idiots now,and the world hates you....Big Time.
**QQ**Home of the Brave**QQ**,I don`t thing so.
Only the ignorant soldiers that are more willing to fight an **QQ**Unconstitutional War**QQ**,aka **QQ**Bushes War**QQ** are calling themselves **QQ**Brave**QQ**.So **QQ**Brave in fact,they refuse to stay home and defend America....they gladly go to a foreign country and Kill innocent that brave? NO! it`s stupid.
By the time **QQ**The Bush Gang**QQ** get through with America,these soldiers will have NO AMERICA to fight for.
If anyone in American thinks that McCain,or Obama are going to make America a better place,bring America back to it`s old self,you are a FOOL,in spades.
Both of YOUR candidates have **QQ**Hidden Papers**QQ** they don`t want you to see,ever!
Do you demand that the show you these papers...NO!
Just look at the two candidates you have...America is done,stick a fork in her...**QQ**Home of the Brave**QQ**,ha ha ha ha ha...who are you kidding?

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