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Gulf Bank, Kuwait Crashed and possibly gone Bankrupt

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Comment by Thomas Kamen
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Banned from this site while trying to answer the question of what a derivative is. Silly mistake or conspiracy? lol

Comment posted here instead.

A derivatve is like a stock but unregulated, and there are well over 55 trillion dollars worth of these toxic assets.

Credit default swaps taking on the lion share I**Q**m guessing. The wealth was created when the US housing market hyperflated. Banksters then created insurance contracts against the ify inflated mortgages that they gave John q Public **QQ**with LOW down payment**QQ**. They then sold these Credit Default Swaps or **QQ**insurance obligations**QQ** in packages as an unregulated yet housing backed commodity.

The BANKSTERS are free and clear with the first transaction as the CDS enters the black trading pool.

So then as the US housing market crashes and time continues to expire obligations must then be settled due to contractual obligation set in the past. Fees cannot be paid because the original amortization schedule created by the BANKSTERS and used to sell the **Q**asset**QQ** as **QQ**viable**QQ** was based off of lies.

Lies engineered to create the exact effect we are experiencing right now. This is not happenstance brother/sister. This is conspiracy. Conspiracy on a scale so grand that encompases time itself.

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