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Drugs and the CIA connection

• Brian Quigg (deceased)

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Comment by Michael Shoen
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The author of this site, Brian Quig, loved his country and worked against enemies of liberty such as the CIA. Brian**Q**s mother gave me all his research audio and video tapes. The CIA sickness is overwhelming our country -- covert (hidden) destabilization of other countries, government drug running (Richard Armitage, G.H.W. Bush & Ollie North) and murder (JFK, 9/11). All these big-boy fun and games take our attention away from working on our country**Q**s economic strength (manufacturing) and moral strength. The CIA is by definition an immoral organization. See books by Blum, Marchetti, Stockwell, Michael Sullivan, William Davy and others) How anyone can be a Christian (or Mormon or Muslim) and work for such an organization is beyond me. The CIA takes the Ten Commandments and throws them in the garbage. The life of Christ is a total repudiation of the disgraceful conduct of the CIA. There is a reason the CIA keeps their actions hidden. I again salute Brian (now deceased for 5 years) for facing off this monster. Brian is now in a place where the CIA and its stooges are not allowed.

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