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Bush's former press secretary say Bush leaked CIA's Plame ID

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So What!!! Do any of you think Americans will do anything about it?
Do any of you think Americans will do anything about the corrupt cops....I doubt it!
Do any of you think Americans will do anything to save their country.......I doubt it.
Americans are the most ignorant people on earth.
Just take a look at the quality of this years candidates...........very poor indeed.
Do you think Americans will do anything about the **QQ**Voter Fraud**QQ**....I doubt it.
Most Americans have no idea of what is being taken away from them. Will Americans just hand their guns to Obama when he comes to take them,probably.
Will Americans just sit there and watch as **QQ**Paulson**QQ** gives their money away,;;probably.
Will Americans,again,just watch as the **QQ**Fed**QQ** destroys their future...Probably.
Do Americans even know that he **QQ**Fed**QQ** is really a group of private banks.....again!...I doubt it.
G W was fired from every job is father got for him,and you Americans voted him in to lead your country.What a great job he did....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ROFL.
How about GW`s grand father...another ROFL ha ha ha ha ha ha.You people are **QQ**STUPID**QQ**...home of the brave...give me a break.Land of the free...what a joke.
We would rather watch the American News over any comedy show.As a matter of fact...that is a comedy show...ha ha ha ha ha.
You President Elect carries two flags..just watch as he fills your country with Illegal Aliens and gives you money to foreign the one he`s from....and!! NATO.
Obama will take you second amendment rights,that`s right...TAKE THEM.What will Americans do about that......NOTHING! Good Bye America!
You are weak,and pathetic,and do not deserve your own country.You had one,and look what you **QQ**Brave**QQ**,**Q**Free**QQ** people did with it..ha ha ha ha.You elected your most educated people to office,and they screwed you.
Next time,send your **QQ**Intelligent**QQ** people to Washington.
Every time I see **QQ**Reid**QQ**,**QQ**Kennedy**QQ**,Lieberman**QQ**,I have to laugh at your choice of leaders.
Well! good bye,and Good Luck...your going to need it.

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