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ATF Introduces Online Firearms Form To Ease Transactions, Prevent Errors

• Washington Post

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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**QQ**Officials emphasized that the use of the new software is voluntary and that the data entered on the form are not being used to create any sort of government database of gun ownership.**QQ**


NEVER AGAIN will I fill out ANY forms when purchasing a pencil or a firearm! I have enough smoke in my ass to cover a second assault on Normandy...


**QQ**Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.**QQ**

Comment by Chip Saunders
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Much like black box voting,...there is a lot about this that can be abused. And when it comes to ATF,...if it CAN be abused,...they WILL abuse it.

The electronic form is stored on the computers and devices used by a retailer. The data is NOT in any sort of direct contact (such as by modem) with any ATF server or computer. ATF says this is so the public will know and trust that the data is not being collected and stored by ATF for any sort of database, which is illegal.

However,...once stored in a file or files on a retailer**Q**s computer, is far more manageable for covert duplication and removal by an ATF inspector. All federally licenced dealers get regular inspections for compliance, and these inspectors routinely review paperwork and documents. They are SUPPOSED to leave the paperwork with the dealer, unless some sort of official investigation requires removal of documents for evidence purposes.

In the past, it was difficult for ATF agents to abscond with physical 4473 forms to use illicitly, because they couldn**Q**t easily hide that they were taken, and photocopying them was still laborious and not easily hidden either. But now, all that has to occur is the proprietor to be distracted for a few moments, and a flash drive can copy all the forms ever stored digitally at that location. Who would know?

As well, dealers are required to keep their 4473 forms for 7 years. After that, they may be disposed of. But how likely is it that retailers will be diligent to annually clean out and delete those old files? Heck, I**Q**m still using Windows 95 on my system (cause i like it, and hate change) and have files from 1994 I have just been lazy about getting rid of. You don**Q**t suppose it**Q**s possible some gun shop might still have your purchase record 14 years from now lingering in their computer**Q**s memory, 7 years after it should have been wiped?

This is also security threat to customers due to snooping by gun store employees or even thieves who break into a gun store, as they too might just as easily insert a flash drive and copy down every 4473. In fact, its a gun burglar**Q**s wet dream. Listed on the form is a description of the firearm and the owner**Q**s home address. No need to break into homes willy-nilly, hoping to find a gun to steal, and then hoping its of a kind that you desire or prefer. This sort of info would allow custom shopping of specific homes to burgle for specific firepower. Pretty nifty, eh?!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Might white of you.

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