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Detroit Problem Solved - The Cars are Too Good


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Comment by Found Zero
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I really don**Q**t think anyone could make this up. Of course, the answer to an industry that produced crap nobody wants is to produce crap nobody wants.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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This was the same crap that was proposed during the Nixon era, when there was a economic crisis. The idea was to mandate built in obsolescence. That by law anything sold in this nation that was electronics consumables would have a finite lifespan where a timer would ultimately disable a perfectly good product so the consumer would have to buy a new one...and make it illegal to tamper, repair, bypass, replace the timer.

Gotta love Keynesians. You never actually own your property. This would allow the market some predictability in demand so the idea goes, and constantly stimulates the economy with goods being replaced. Kind of like a law mandating kids go through neighborhoods once a year and throw a rock through at least one window per house.

At the time it was considered a good idea but one that was impractical since the tamper resistant technology to do that without adding a lot to the initial cost was prohibitive. It is not anymore.

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