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Police taser man in diabetic shock


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Comment by Ben Gibson
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UNBELIEVABLE . . . the guy is barely conscious or unconscious, not necessarily cooperative, but certainly not a threat AND THEY TASER THE MAN? Geez, I**Q**m surprised the **QQ**ambulance chasers**QQ** aren**Q**t all over this one . . . I**Q**d sue these dumb f*cks cross-eyed . . . and Dear God help me, I**Q**m traveling in Oklahoma later this month. I PRAY that I have no random incident--yet, if so, hopefully anyone I potentially encounter has some REAL sense about them. Bottom line: these **QQ**Barney Fifes**QQ** need some education/training and some discipline.

NOW TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF: It took A WHILE, but I finally found e-mail links to the El Reno city offices for the Mayor, Information Officer, City Manager, and Police Department. If you**Q**re really upset about this issue, let these people know your feelings. Here are the links:

Mayor - Matt White -

Public Information Officer - Mr. Terry Floyd -

City Manager - Mr. Tony Rivera -

Interim Police Chief - Ken Brown -

These individuals may not understand or realize just how interested people (outside of their jurisdiction) are in seeing how this incident gets handled.

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