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This Week In FRAUD


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Comment by Richard Stone
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The common paint ball is a water based product that will not damage and can be washed off. However you can find specialty distributors that sell oil based paint balls that will more or less become a permanent part of the camera. But we are talking about a much bigger crime against the american people with the use of the cameras. Minor vandilism pales in comparison to the big brother movement that is fueled by the greed and abuse of our pubic officals.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I think paintballs are a wonderful idea. That said, I should point out that post-its and silly string are frustrating to the authoritays because their laws don**Q**t quite fit. That doesn**Q**t mean they don**Q**t have plenty of things to charge anyone caught with, but there lies the embarrassing possibility of some judge actually upholding the letter of the law in front of the media. Paintballs create actual damage and make vandalism charges and tagging charges a better possibility. Still, running over the darned things works well too. No comment from the DPS.

Comment by Richard Stone
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Paint ball practice target, problem solved.

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