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• The PPJ Gazette
The CIA has recently released the “family jewels” that detail a number of operations in which the Company offended societal norms or actually violated laws. Even then, it appears to be a highly censored gloss on known ancient surreptitious actions. Credit must be given to Steve Kangas for compiling a chronology of CIA foreign covert operations based upon William Blum’s book KILLING HOPE. The CIA has interfered with and overthrown many foreign governments using the School of the Americas to recruit agents in place. Kangas’ list is available on numerous websites by using CIA ATROCITIES in a search engine. His epic work documenting the death of 100’s of thousands resulting from CIA actions shall not be duplicated. One estimate is over six million were killed by 1987. The release of the “family jewels” confirms Blum and Kangas’ documentation. It is impossible to read any candid article on the CIA that does not contain details of actions which are not acceptable with sociological standa