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Fukushima nuclear plant upgraded to level six crisis, on scale of seven, say French officials

Update 8:35: Via ForexLive, TEPCO is saying that spent fuel rods in reactor #4 are exposed to the air. That sounds horrible. Update 8:16: The radiation is too high for TEPCO workers to stay in the control room says KYODO WIRE. Update 7:47 AM: France: The nuclear crisis is now a level-6 crisis on a scale of 7. Update 7:10 3/15: According to reports, a frustrated Naoto Kan asked TEPCO execs "What the hell is going on?" Update 3:40 AM ET 3/15: After a night of terror, there is a brief calm. Radiation has pared back a little bit, and according to government spokesman Yukio Edano there isn't any indication of new radiation coming out. In fact, via TimeOutTokyo, Edano says the latest readings outside of Fukushima don't show radiation readings that are harmful to humans. However (via CNBC) temperatures continue to rise. Global markets are off their lows a bit, but are all down across the board. The latest from Kyodo: There are concerns over water levels at reactor #4, which is where there was a fire earlier. The latest: The state of panic around the world is palpable. There was an explosion at reactor #2 and a fire at reactor #4, coincigin with a surge in radiation. Update: the fire at reactor #4 has been put out. Markets are diving around Asia. The Nikkei closed down 10.5%! PM Naoto Kan addressed the nation, and told everyone within a 30KM radius to stay indoors, as radioactive mate