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Fukushima Update Via Lew Rockwell: More Trouble From a Crippled Nuke Plant

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The people on site are completely overwhelmed by events to the extent that they can’t even spare somebody to go take a look at the fuel pool in Unit 4. One wonders what else may be going unnoticed. The second item was that the staffing on site was down to 50 people. Even under normal operations, this is a small fraction, but in an emergency, where all power and indications (gauges/alarms) are lost, it is in effect throwing one’s hands up in the air. This was about 24 hours ago when I read this stuff at which point I told my wife she should tell her sister-in-law to take her kids, get out of Tokyo as a precaution. It is an excellent time to visit grandma. My opinion was confirmed with the recent suggestion of using helicopters to dump stuff on the reactors, which is clearly well beyond the point of utter desperation in nuclear ops. If one recalls, this is what the Soviets resorted to at Chernobyl, shoveling boron out of helicopters into the smoking morass. Several days ago, discussing this incident with friends, I said that when they start talking about helicopters, that is when the situation is officially out of control.