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How Colbert Gave Campaign Finance Reformers a Fright

 While many enjoyed today's FEC visit by Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert, an unlikely subset of D.C. insiders were deeply worried about it's potential ramifications: campaign finance reformers. On its face, these were the people who seemed most likely to appreciate Colbert's experiment seeking approval of a super PAC: after all, it was widely seen as a clever way of lampooning America's corporate-friendly campaign finance system. But as Politico's Ken Vogel discovered, if the FEC had approved Colbert's request in full, it would have had wide ramifications for America's political system.

"The proposals here would potentially open gaping disclosure loopholes in the campaign finance laws," Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21 and a campaign reform advocate told Politico before the ruling. "Wertheimer is so concerned about what Colbert is doing, in fact, that Democracy 21 has joined with the Campaign Legal Center, another advocacy group, to petition the FEC to reject his request because it could result in the 'radical evisceration' of campaign finance rules," reported Vogel.

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