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NATO Murders Libya for a Lie

The savage torture and murder of former Libyan leader Gaddafi was on full display today to a bloodthirsty world. His capture was a curiously familiar tale: he was "caught like a rat" in a hole. Just like Saddam. One wonders which NGO was subcontracted to write these scripts.

It was perhaps fitting that Gaddafi's final end was precipitated by a Predator drone strike courtesy of the US military as he attempted to escape his hometown of Sirte. It was NATO, after all, that has murdered the entire country.

French filmmaker Julien Teil's incredible film, "The Humanitarian War in Libya: There is no Evidence," lays out very clearly the truth behind the mountain of lies manipulated by NATO to justify its attack on Libya. In the film, the director of the Swiss-based Libyan League for Human Rights, Soliman Bouchuiguir, emerges as the key individual who initiated the UN action against Libya.


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