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Freedom... There's an App for That

Freedom... There's an App for That

By: Ernest Hancock

The knowledge and tools to enable communities, families and individuals the ability to feed, shelter and clothe themselves have elevated humanity to the level of saviors of Planet Earth… don't think so? I'll explain.

Over the billions of years Earth has been around, life has been extinguished how many times? Bombardment from space by debris large and small has been, and remains to be, an existential threat to life on this planet. Given enough time, the planet Earth has created its own solution,… Us.

I find it inspiring that humanity has been around long enough to develop the intellect and the means to give us a chance at detection and course alteration/destruction of heavenly bodies that could eventually mean another restart for intelligent life on this planet.

So while there may be interests and beliefs that advocate for the notion that humans are the primary threat to life on this planet, I am of the opposite opinion.

Humanity has consistently evolved toward the empowerment of individuals in an atmosphere of scarcity and takers. Takers take because...They Can. And we can expect that paradigm to continue until takers can no longer take, there's nothing left to take, or abundance makes taking unnecessary.

Libertarian philosophy helps us understand the benefits of voluntary and peaceful interactions between individuals. But, libertarians are very keenly aware of individuals and entities (on behalf of individuals) that view other humans as livestock, a resource, slaves.

Scarcity is often manufactured via coercively enforced monopolies and/or social and economic engineering. Awareness of this has increased with the ability of more humans than ever being able to share their observations and conclusions to a level that a growing public opinion has determined that government's cost has far exceeded any promised benefits. This conclusion has put government beneficiaries into hyper mode trying to manipulate public opinion with “Why They Need Us” propaganda. Expect threats to our well-being to be varied and dire. But it is our fear that gives others power over our lives.

Want to know who “They” are?… “There are those that just wish to be left alone, and there are those that just won't leave them alone. That's who They/Them/Those are. The individuals and entities that just won't leave us alone”. This simple realization is very helpful in clearing the mind fog in our heads that is constantly being generated by those that benefit from our confusion. But something has changed.

America's Declaration of Independence struck at the heart of the problem with the understanding that the only justification for the creation of any government was to secure individual rights. And if a government failed to do that, we were encouraged to move on in search of another rights-securing effort.

This Newspaper Edition is the 40th issue of Freedoms Phoenix's Magazine/Newspaper publications, and the latest effort to share some of the liberty news and opinion from world travelers and news makers. Clear minds with experience and opinions about how we got to where we are as a species, and how we might evolve… Enjoy.

I have one observation I'd like to share. The power of fearless and determined individuals that will consistently hurdle barriers have always been responsible for the greatest leaps forward in the advancement of humanity, and They/Them/Those know this. If these innovators and inventors are not 'In Control,… Then They Are Out of Control', and this is frightening to those that seek positions with the power to say, “No!” to innovation and commerce without permission and the always-required cut of the profits.

Freedom's Phoenix has created a special section called “Top Tech News” (QR GRAPHIC HERE ) that sought to stimulate a 'Wow' response from every kid and kid at heart in need of inspiration or an imagination boost. Fear and doubt has been a very effective weapon used by the beneficiaries of our not challenging the status quo, but out of billions of minds there are always those that have been inoculated with a heavy dose of optimism and imagination. And we are here to help.

To help illustrate my point, I wish to introduce you to two teenagers. Jack Andraka ( QR ) & Taylor Wilson ( ). The TEDtalk presentations by these young men will provide you a glimpse of what They/Them/Those are up against. But the real threat is their recruitment by the very problem that they are the solution to. I am of the belief that liberty advocates are most appreciated and effective when they defend the rights of the most gifted to be left alone to enjoy and expand their own genius.

The battle for the minds of the most capable of us is coming to a point where even America will demand that those with great abilities forcibly devote their efforts to the needs of others as determined by powerful people in powerful positions.

Defending the right of every future Archimedes to be left alone is one of the primary focuses at Freedom's Phoenix, and it is this theme that becomes more evident the more you spend time on our site.

Stay tuned, it's going to get interesting :)


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