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My Life!

My wife Donna and I are the parents of two teenage girls and two teenage boys. And until they emancipate themselves from our care they are ours and NOT the government’s.

America is founded on the ideal that the only legitimate purpose of government is the delegated stewardship, from the people, to protect us from those who would deny us our freedom to be left alone. This concept was in stark contrast to almost every other kingdom that demanded at the point of a sword or the barrel of a gun the lives of any individual they claimed as theirs to order to their death for the benefit of those doing the ordering.

A very dangerous philosophy has taken hold of our country and it is disguised as a choice between Death and Taxes. Lately the choice has evaporated to reveal our government for what it truly is, the greatest threat to our individual freedoms. The emotion of fear has reduced a once capable people to cowards seeking refuge under the Emperor’s robes. But I have great hope. The very generation that the representatives of Death and Taxes would sacrifice in their efforts to maintain and enhance an empire, are for the first time in history armed with current information that details all threats so that any individual with a computer can evaluate the best course of action with intelligence greater than any available to history’s generals. This high tech exposure of a naked Emperor is the reason that we have seen the beginnings of collective control of the internet.

Few know that on April 16, 2004 the entire country of Lybia was turned off of the World Wide Web while selected web sites around the world have been “switched off” as well. On April 22, 2004, tens of millions of Americans were finally made newly aware that computer vote fraud was not only possible, but likely, after admissions from one of the largest voting machine suppliers on the planet that their computers are flawed when freedom activists all across the country exposed them to the public. Predictably they had the arrogance to ask the state of California for a second chance to allow further voting insecurity while promising not to lie … the next time.

Our currency has fallen in one year, what … 30 percent? Is it any wonder our gasoline costs more? And after regulating and licensing our manufacturing base into non-competitiveness why are we so surprised that the eastern coast of China will soon look like the shores of Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. Oh, and don’t count on the deportation of cheap illegal labor to make things better.

And with all of this going on we individual Americans will soon be ordered to send more of our money and our children to fight in a foreign land in a manufactured war on the entire culture of Islam while it is crystal clear to too many to be ignored that the real threat to our families is our own government.

Being a freedom activist since 1989 has given me a view from the inside of the process that few have the time or inclination to see. And even then I was of the opinion that we wouldn’t see the size and scope of our current government for another 10+ years. While some find solace in the idea that the sooner we get to a police state the sooner we can leave, I fear for the weaker of us who are counting on the government for their security since I know that they will be the first abandoned.

Big Government will fall and nothing can, or should, stop this natural process. And many acts of desperation will be perpetrated by those who owe their livelihoods to the American taxpayer. The violence feared, expected, manufactured, caused, allowed on American soil is nothing more than an expected result from a government gone bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

“There are those who wish to be left alone and there are those who will not leave them alone.” This simple truth makes it very easy for us to determine whom the bad guys are when they show up at your front door.