IPFS Ernest Hancock

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May I have a little freedom please?!

In the same week we had government licensed television “encouraged” to show prime time coverage of our leader. The leader of the free world told as many Americans as would listen (and all of those that had better pay attention) that we have a financial obligation to free, and provide a minimal standard of living, for the rest of the planet.

Ummmm, can I vote no?

I know this is what every level of government here in America is using to justify the confiscation of every bit of wealth they can get their hands on before we are able to turn it over to our children and grandchildren. But I just want to know where I vote no. I guess I could vote for the left boot of the Jack Boot On Your Neck Party and be promised that my children’s possible future will be sacrificed for the good of other parent’s children around the country, and the world, that are really in need. Or maybe it would be better to vote for the right boot of the Jack Boot On Your Neck Party so my children’s lives can be sacrificed metaphorically and literally to expand freedom for other children and grandchildren. And wearing the Jack Boots is a phantom with a really fat wallet overflowing with the blood, sweat and tears of a population just vaguely becoming aware of what’s really going on. For some, a choice that does not include freedom is to select slavery for them and theirs.

Government has become nothing more than a gang with a flag. Oh, you’ll get government paid politicians to properly create a very nice piece of parchment with a pretty seal and a signature on it that will be delivered by another government employee in a uniform with a clipboard, a badge, and the ever present gun, that will “properly” inform you how much tribute you owe the Empire. And if they don’t show up with a gun the first time, we are assured that one is only a shout away.

While tribute is being demanded of our grandchildren, we are being convinced at every turn and at every level how lucky we are to be in the protection of such a noble and gracious master. And we gain nobility in our service to the central authority with our endless tribute. We have been clearly informed that our property, our lives and the lives of our children are The State’s to command. And pieces of paper have been created to authorize the wielders of the government guns to deal with those that would resist. (Even criminals don’t pretend they are doing you a favor)

The ability to resist must be addressed. Just as the crossbow was outlawed in the time of kings, by Kings, to prevent resistance to the ‘laws of being ruled’, we too can expect our ability to resist peacefully and with force to be denied us by a government that claims to represent our interest if we would only accept their authority over our lives. While all the time daring us to try and save the future for our children.

But if it was force that sustained an Empire, then why go to all of the trouble of lying to us from crib to grave? We are laid to morning, noon and night because what central authority seeks above all else is,… Legitimacy. Without your sanction the theft is impossible to sustain. Please don’t get your pitchforks and torches, central authority loves open resistance and the more violent the better. The ensuing fear is a powerful emotion that makes populations ready to hear their orders (and yes, they are orders). The penalties for ignoring the government now are punished as much as attacking the government. If you say no to the central authority enough times you are killed. Don’t think so? The next time you build a patio, or walk on the wrong public land, or use your fireplace on the wrong day, or sell a beer too late, or not come to a complete stop without permission from you know who/what. They will come for you and you had better have a “Yes Sir” ready.

Who is ultimately responsible for your future? And really. Are we allowed to vote no?