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Who will be the next Woodward & Bernstein?

It started out as a small story. “Who cares,” cried the White House spinmeisters?

Hardly any paper would reprint the stories. After all, it was only a burglary, at a Washington, D.C. hotel.

But eventually the dam burst.

The President had recently been re-elected. But the stories would not die.

The war was continually claimed to be going well, with the end in sight. But a year later, the President left the White House in disgrace.

And the Republicans, loyal to an Administration who sold them out, paid the price for their “no questions asked” backing of a crooked war monger. And they did not recover for almost 15 years.

The nation’s economy, self respect and pride took a similar toll.

The bill is due again. History repeats itself.

Which reporter will dig up the story and push to have it printed? Even if it is only four column inches on page A17 at first.

As it was over 30 years ago. Who will be the icon to a new generation of journalists?

Who will be the next “Woodward & Bernstein?”

"George Bush will never fire Karl Rove...that would be like Charlie McCarthy firing Edgar Bergen." — Kevin C., reader of Mike’s Blog Roundup