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End the War, dump the incumbents in the primaries

Many Republicans have been uneasy with the Bush administration over the years. They have seen massive spending programs enacted by the President and the Republican dominated Congress, sending the national deficit into a Sumo wrestler weight gaining regime. Democrats only dreamed of such spending levels.

Bush has also invaded a country, and his occupation threatens to bankrupt our economy in both dollars and blood. The moral bankruptcy of both an unprovoked attack, and the establishment of gulags and torture chambers, in addition to the installation of a “democratic” government composed of anti-American Shiites also worries the conservative base. Yet they seem committed to riding this train wreck into the hillside with Bush. Power corrupts.

Democrats on the other hand, have watched as their Party wholeheartedly became the me-too cheerleaders of the War in Iraq. To whatever level of blood the Republicans shout for, the Democrats enthusiastically respond we’ll give you more, in the so called War on Terror. They have equally been front runners in promoting the attacks on civil liberties, whether domestic spying by government on its citizens to secret arrests and detentions.

What is clear is if you oppose the war you are not going to get ANY support from your elected Representatives, Senators or the Whitehouse no matter which Party they represent.

The election in November will bring no relief as incumbents are re-elected over 97% of the time. Where the thud of your foot against their head can be heard is in the primary elections. This would require: 1) a staunchly committed anti-war opponent to run against the incumbent in the primary. 2) There be money behind the candidate. 3) No vote splitters enter the race. 4) Members of that Party vote against their incumbent candidate, even if it might tip the seat to the other party. [It won’t. Most seats are gerrymandered so only one Party can win the seat.] And 5) the candidate make an issue of immediately introducing a bill demanding the complete withdrawal from Iraq of ALL US troops and US paid mercenaries within 6 months of becoming law.

Unless the apple cart gets upset in 2006, the same way Democrats were tossed out in 1994, the War will go on past 2008 and probably until sometime around 2014, after a Democrat President is re-elected. That is a lot of blood, and a lot of debt. Since the incumbents from neither Party seem disposed to rapidly ending the war, the solution is to rid both parties of incumbents.