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Criminalizing Workers not Immigration Answer

Criminalizing Workers not Immigration Answer


Apr 6, 2006

Federal government officials continue to make innocent individuals into criminals as immigration reform is discussed in Congress. Criminalizing individuals who seek work and criminalizing those who provide work for others does not satisfactorily address the immigration situation.

It only makes matters worse by creating even more criminals and a greater expense for a government that cannot even handle the expenses it incurs now. Building walls, putting military forces on the border and instituting guest-worker programs also creates more havoc and puts even more individual lives in danger.

Individual liberty and a free market, where the price mechanism operates without government interference, allows for the proper amount of immigration.

An international boundary does not change the fact that regardless of where one is born or lives, every human being on the planet has a right to travel peacefully wherever he or she may want to go, provided it is done at his or her own expense and without violating the inalienable rights of life, liberty and property of others.

Once here, through the immigrant’s expenditures on goods and services and the starting up of new businesses, more and different types of jobs are created and economic growth for everyone occurs. Free-market immigration also helps threatened American businesses to survive competition from low-wage businesses abroad.

It is not right for an individual to stand at the Arizona- Mexico border with a gun and threaten to shoot anyone crossing the border. It is not proper for government officials either. There is no difference between being free to cross borders between states and being free to cross borders between countries. Individuals look for jobs no matter where they are located in order to improve their economic well-being.

Likewise, criminals (terrorists) also cross borders and that is the reason why individuals living in a free society have a right to defend themselves and their property.

The government should practice nonintervention by adhering to John Quincy Adams’ advice of “not searching for monsters to destroy” and implementing the recommendation of George Washington that government not involve itself with entangling alliances. That would go a long way to defuse the threat of terrorism in the world.

Government programs offering “free" education, welfare and health care only aggravate the immigration situation by enticing even more individuals to come to the United States. No individual has a right to these or the many other government-provided services.

A free and prosperous society has no fear of anyone entering it because in a free and prosperous society, everyone pays their own way, voluntarily and without the government unconstitutionally providing services.

However, in a welfare state like that of the United States, everyone is scared to death of anyone trying to get in because of the huge expense government incurs as a result of all of its unconstitutional welfare pro- grams.

The net result of tighter immigration laws is higher costs for taxpayers, more opportunities for corruption, less individual liberty and increased government harassment of business.

The government’s war on immigration is a failure for the same reasons its wars on drugs, illiteracy, unemployment and terrorism are failures. Top-down planning through socialist government control and intervention has never been successful because coercive force, the only method government has to address any issue, does not work in the long run and results in death and destruction, not peace.

By removing all government welfare programs, enforcing the right of individuals to move freely and enforcing the right of individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and property, immigration becomes a nonissue, as do drugs, illiteracy, poverty and all of the other government social "wars" currently in progress.

Enforcing the right of individuals to freely travel would also reduce tensions along the border and cause fewer deaths to occur since no one would have to sneak across the desert. There would also be less fear of being arrested and made a criminal and less militarization, thereby reducing the chance of death and destruction.

It would focus the government’s limited resources on genuine criminal activity rather than monitoring and controlling the movement of every individual.

A humane immigration policy leaves peaceful individuals alone, welcomes those willing to take responsibility for themselves and prosecutes those who commit physical force on others.

The American idea of individual liberty is very clear. So long as an individual is peaceful, he or she does not need to register with or obtain permission from any government to live his life. Individual liberty and freedom addresses the immigration issue with a minimum amount of adversity and a maximum amount of prosperity.


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Howard J. Blitz is a local libertarian and

president of The Freedom Library Inc.,

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