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Forced Health Coverage Wrong Path

The arrogance of elected government officials never ceases. However, in a welfare state society like that of the United States one cannot expect anything less. The Massachusetts legislature approved a bill last week that would force all residents of the state of Massachusetts to purchase health insurance. If they do not, then they will be forced to pay a fine, and if they do not pay the fine, they will be dragged off to jail for breaking the law. This, in the United States of America.

Even Republican Governor Mitt Romney endorses the new law with all of the government threats to the citizens he supposedly serves. If citizens of Massachusetts cannot afford to obtain health insurance coverage, the citizens who can afford to pay for the required health insurance will foot the bill through their taxes and of course they will be fined or dragged off to jail if they do not pay. So will business owners if they do not pay the required annual tax to pay for each employee for which they do not provide insurance.

The Massachusetts legislature has provided the formula for poor quality health care and has possibly engineered the demise of making available any health care at all. High insurance premiums and the high cost for medical care exist because of government intervention in the market place. Because government has inflated demand and restricted supply medical costs have skyrocketed. If fewer people have health insurance it is because government mandates like that passed by the Massachusetts legislature have priced too many individuals out of the insurance market. If doctors waiting rooms are crowded it is because government has restricted the supply of physicians and driven others out of the profession and overloaded the remaining ones with paperwork and prevented patients from getting low cost help from other qualified health care professionals.

Socialized medicine in any form rarely helps people with expensive medical needs. In Canada, heart patients die waiting for surgery. In Britain, kidney dialysis is rarely approved for individuals over age 55 because when government promises to take care of every little sniffle, everyone clamors for more of the “free” service instead of dealing with the simple medical needs themselves. By sacrificing one very expensive need for many, more individuals with modest needs helps maximize votes to get elected.

Currently, throughout the U.S. Medicare and Medicaid do not fully reimburse all medical bills resulting in health care providers having to charge those with private insurance more for their services. This of course increases the premium for health insurance making it less affordable for more people resulting in the passage of more laws making the health care system hemorrhage even more. Many health care providers have become so frustrated with all of the paperwork, underpayments, and liability that they incur for mistakes in coding their forms, that many no longer take Medicare/Medicaid patients. So, instead of passing legislation removing government from the equation, legislation like that passed by the Massachusetts legislature takes shape, making criminals out of innocent people. As more government intrusion into this extremely important market advances, people with government insurance will have a long wait to see a doctor who will work with the accompanying bureaucratic nightmare and may die in the interim like those in socialized systems.

Socialized medicine means that the patient cannot choose his doctor. If the state is paying the bill, then the state will choose the medical provider. The medical provider does not choose the patient either for the same reason.

The best solution for addressing the health care issue in the United States and Massachusetts is to get the government out of the health care business entirely. Health care costs and health insurance premiums would decline dramatically. Rare instances where an uninsured individual was not able to pay for care might possibly still occur, but health care providers would be more likely to take such charity cases if the cost of doing so was made more reasonable by not making them and their patients criminals.

Government coercive force cannot and does not solve the situation that government caused in the first place. History has shown that where free markets and individual liberty reside the vast majority of individuals achieve and receive the type of health care or anything else they desire. Freedom is the answer. What is the question?

Dr. Curt Maxwell will deliver a timely talk entitled, “What’s wrong with the American health System,” at the People for the USA meeting tomorrow evening 6:30 PM at the Yuma County library auditorium located at 350 S. 3rd Avenue. Also, People for the USA will award four scholarships to local area students who participated in its annual essay contest.

Founding Father Richard Henry Lee will discuss “America’s Original Vision” Tuesday, May 9, 7 PM at the Booth Machinery conference hall located at 30th Street and Araby Road. The Honorable Richard Henry Lee, portrayed by Richard Cheatham of Living History Associates, Ltd. from Richmond, Virginia, will be the special guest at The Freedom Library 10th Annual Awards Ceremony where another four $1,000 scholarships will be awarded. The event is open to the public free of charge.

Howard J. Blitz


The Freedom Library, Inc.

April 12, 2006

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