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Bush birthed a veto

President Bush issued his first veto today after over five and a half years in office. Five and a half years of record deficit budgets sailing past his desk, laden with pork bound for the special interests in virtually every Congressional district in the nation. Besides record spending levels, our federal debt has almost doubled now approaching ten trillion dollars! And that does not even include the $21 trillion in entitlements and encumbrances coming due.

One wonders what would have happened had a fiscal conservative been elected ... but none applied for the job, did they? So, instead of reducing the debt, we are looking at impending bankruptcy, with zero hope for a fix short of complete and total collapse of our economy. I am talking 1930 Depression collapse... if we are fortunate. The laughing stock of the planet, unless you happen to be some middle class foreigner in another country with now worthless “full faith and credit” greenbacks squirreled away.

So after all this time, so much debt, an unprovoked war, a provoked war in which those responsible are still running around loose, detentions, detentions without trial, heck even knowing what you are accused of much less being allowed to talk with an attorney, torture, spying on Americans, all Americans in every communication type possible. Have I left anything out? Americans? Is there really such a place as America anymore?

So, Bush vetoed a bill funding stem cell research. I would have vetoed it as well had I been in his shoes. But not for the reasons he gave. I would have vetoed the bill because I don’t think you should be having your labor stolen from you at the point of a gun, and handed to others, no matter how worthy the cause is claimed. If it is so worthy, perhaps you can be persuaded to fund it.

I especially don’t think purloined tax money should be spent on an activity some of the purloined consider murder, or a slippery slope to human experimentation. While I do not agree with the former, the latter certainly has merit. But even if I disagree with the former, what right have I to steal someone’s earnings to hand it over to whom they consider an executioner?

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Comment by Dave Gallagher
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Excellent points. Well stated.

I heard some of the newer (not that new) members of congress had to go find out how the veto process works ... it's been that long.