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Deluding One’s Self

All words have very specific meanings. For instance, socialism is the government ownership and/or control of the means of production; land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. Free enterprise, on the other hand, is the individual ownership and/or control of those same means of production. In other words socialism is not freedom and individual liberty is not government control.

America is supposed to be about individual liberty and freedom, not socialism. Taking a look at the headlines a couple of weeks ago about how the Arizona State Attorney General’s office is filing suit against Wal-Mart and Auto Zone for violating pricing laws and intentionally defrauding customers by failing to post accurate prices, one wonders whether America continues to be the land of the free. Now, the Arizona State Attorney General’s office says that it is going to really get nasty with these two firms for such violations.

Social Security, government owned and operated school systems, government control of radio, television, airlines, banks, and every other type of business that requires government permission to operate also reflects the true socialistic system under which America operates. All government laws that interfere with the individual’s right to choose is so common place that Americans have now come to believe that this type of interference is truly freedom and free enterprise. Nothing can be further from the truth and Americans keep deluding themselves that what exists today in the United States is freedom when in actuality it is socialism and government control of the individual.

Without pricing laws, minimum wage laws, employment laws and all of the other laws that interfere with the individual’s right and capacity to choose with whom the individual wants to do business, the state’s attorney general office would have more time to involve itself in real crimes such as murder, rape, theft, and breach of contract. Freedom and free enterprise are even a lot less expensive than government control and socialism because it takes less tax extraction from the individual to pay for the government’s activity and allows the individual more time to produce the needed additional goods and services.

In a truly free society, one that is suppose to operate in America, Wal-Mart, Auto Zone and every other business as well as the individual decide for themselves what prices are charged for their goods and services, if they will even post those prices, or whether or not they change the price at the cash register. The customer then decides, based upon how they think Wal-Mart, Auto Zone and anyone else operates and treats customers, whether they indeed purchase anything from them.

The same holds true for wages offered by those and other companies as to whether anyone would even allow themselves to be employed by those firms. Under current situations prospective employees ought to be taken to task for not telling employers how much they charge for their services.

The greatest fine Wal-Mart, Auto Zone, and every other business can receive for treating customers and employees poorly is bankruptcy because they did not perform to the desires of the customer and employee. Likewise, employees would find themselves unemployed if they did not treat employers fairly.

Getting government out of the lives of all individuals enhances the economic well-being for everyone. Customers and employees will see to it that that happens because every human being operates in their own self-interest. In a free society, one supposedly established for the United States, the self-interest of every human is what controls the actions of others, not government.

Americans need to quit deluding themselves that they live in the free society that America is supposed to represent to the world. With myriad of government regulations, socialism, not freedom is the order of the day.

America can change, though, but individuals must believe in themselves and their Creator rather than government. Deluding one’s self that government laws solve problems only makes matters worse by creating even more problems. All laws that interfere with the individual’s right to choose can and must be eliminated if America is ever to represent true freedom again. Johann Wolfgang von Goete had it correct when he stated over two hundred years ago, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who think they are free.”

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