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The Constitution and the Middle East

When the founders of the United States of America created the Constitution they established some very specific restrictions upon elected officials, the severest being that only congress could decide to declare war. They established a republic so that the president or some small cadre of individuals could not do as is done now in the empire that America has become. They wanted to be sure that the people were behind such a declaration.

The founders also restricted congress from sending foreign aid to any foreign nation thereby entangling the United States government in alliances in which it is not to be involved.

The president is to receive ambassadors and other ministers from foreign nations and in all cases affecting such individuals the United States Supreme Court has original jurisdiction. That was the extent to which the founders desired government involvement with foreign countries.

As George Washington so aptly stated, “The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is in extending our commercial relations to have with as little political connection as possible... It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” By restricting congress to declaring war and not allowing it to send foreign aid to any foreign government, the United States government can be on the best terms it could be with all nations.

This policy is not one of isolationism, but one of separatism. The founders looked upon the United States as a land where security, freedom, and prosperity could be found by anyone from anywhere in the world. The government was to stay out of everyone’s life including citizens of other countries. Through separatism cordial relations can then be maintained without entangling alliances.

It is shameful that our elected officials do not follow the precepts of a republic, but rather risk the lives of all Americans following those of an empire. An empire plays favorites and then sends money and arms to both sides of a conflict. American government officials continue to unconstitutionally authorize sending billions of dollars and weapons to Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Lebanon, and other Middle East countries, which can easily find their way into the hands of terrorists.

The result of American government interference in foreign affairs, especially the Middle East, is continued death and destruction, not the desired peace and tranquility. Granted, there are evil individuals that live on the planet and evil individuals do evil things. In that regard one must defend himself. However, involving one’s self and taking sides or for that matter both sides only causes more resentment resulting in more conflict.

Just because we now live in the 21st century does not mean that the principles espoused by the founders are meaningless. On the contrary, if there were ever a need for those principles to be put into action, now is the time. American elected officials must return the American empire to its rightful place as a republic so that less destruction, less loss of life, and more peace may exist.

As a result of not following the founders prescription for peace, American government officials have created an empire that has gotten Americans involved in wars they cannot win, terrorist attacks that cannot be deterred, gutted diplomacy in favor of force, and bankruptcy some time in the future.

By following the precepts of the founders, American elected officials help create peace by welcoming those who desire to trade. More individuals desire to trade when there is not so much antagonism resulting from American government intervention in people’s lives. Most individuals live peaceful lives because they do not involve themselves with the lives of others, they just trade with them. Conflict takes place when one individual attempts to control or interfere with the life of another.

Following the founders precepts stipulated in the Constitution does not guarantee peace, tranquility, and perfect bliss for there will always be individuals that want to do harm to others, but it does reduce the amount of carnage substantially. Government officials would do well to turn to the Constitution for guidance instead of ridiculing and trashing it.

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