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Trent “Ball Park” Franks and His Felonious Friends

Welcome to the Trent “Ball Park” Franks “Save a Congressman Campaign Fundraiser” letter. I am asking for your help in raising enough funds to return Congressman Franks back to Washington for two more years.

Congressman Franks is a man of remarkable resilience. He has survived a difficult past filled with legal issues, ethical questions and profound money problems. Today, ‘ole “Ball Park” Franks stands near the pinnacle of power in the nation’s capital. But he cannot stay there without your help. Please don’t let this poor man slip back into the desperate life he once led.

All things being very relative, Trent is a fine and honest man. He enjoys the support and endorsements for his Congressional campaign from far and wide. In fact, he has some very interesting character references as his inner circle once consisted of the Larry, Moe and Curly Joe Show of Arizona politics (i.e., the “Honorable" J. Fife Slymington III, Evangelical Mecham and Charles “Cheating” Keating). Sad to think that Trent just missed out on joining this elite group of political circus clowns by losing a narrow political victory to future AZSCAM felon, Bobby Raymond, by a mere 200 hundred votes in a race for the House Seat in District 18. Oh, how history can turn on a dime!

After Raymond’s conviction and incarceration, it did not deter Franks from taking a $500 campaign donation from Raymond upon his release from prison. Let’s pretend to look the other way as Congressman Franks obviously needed the money to cover his past deadbeat transgressions. In the good Congressman’s defense for taking the money of a disgraced politician and convicted felon, his personal life has been filled with such financial calamities as owing back taxes, judgments, an automobile repossession, driving a car for an extended time with expired out of state tags and owing the government money as evidenced by his former tax liens. With a financial track record like this, it is easy to see why he sees nothing wrong with supporting a defense budget which spends a billion dollars per week on a war that continues years after “Mission Accomplished” was declared.

Franks is also in desperate need of PAC money as well. In the 2002 Congressional race, Franks promised to never take PAC money because he said he did not want to be controlled by any special interest and we believed him. However, as informed voters, we must make certain that we are aware that there is always an “I” before “E” except after “C”. When it comes to our political system of legal bribery (i.e., campaign donations), nobody really thought he would follow through with that promise, did we? At least he made us feel good when he said it and that should be enough as we cough up our money and cast our votes for ‘Ole “Ball Park”.

When the activist organization moveon.org organized a political protest, in the summer of 2006 at various Phoenix, Arizona locations, against high oil prices and the Jon Kyl sponsored, unwarranted oil company tax breaks, Trent Franks quickly came to the defense of the oil companies in the Arizona Republic (6/28/06, B1). He referred to moveon.org’s protest actions as “wrongheaded”, “left-wing liberalism” and “ridiculous”. Franks went on to make the inane statement that “If (moveon.org) had their way “We’d all be walking around in the dark”. As you probably have guessed, Congressman Franks received a significant portion of his 2004 campaign contributions from the oil companies. However, I beg you to remember, Trent really does need the money.

Despite his human and political frailties, Franks deserves our financial support and our vote. After all, his campaign slogan says it all.

“A proven Leader in Perilous Times”

And to think if it had not been for Bobby Raymond and his 200 votes, Franks’ current political slogan might now sound like this:

“A Perilous Man Doing Hard Time”

Deadbeat or Dead Meat? In November, we get to decide!

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Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:
Considering Trent Franks is a multimillionaire oilman, it is hardly surprising he would come to the defense of the oil industry. As you say, he went from rags to riches in a fairly short time, mostly due to oil.

Trent is mostly a Republican **QQ**yes**QQ** vote. I have yet to see a thought in his head expressed on the Congressional floor that clearly did not originate from the Republican talking points. But he has only been there four years ... It will be far more amusing I am sure, when he is in his seventh year, and starts to head up committees. But by then the Republicans will have been replaced by Democrats ... pretty much doing the same things to us as the Republicans.

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