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Adhering to Founders Principles Alleviates Illegal Immigration

With increased incursions and violence along the Arizona - Mexican border and the increased number of deaths in the southwest desert and now on the highways, individuals need to look at the principles America was founded upon for a solution to illegal immigration. Private property rights, ridding America of its current welfare state, reverting America back to the great republic she once was, and adhering to the basic principle embossed in the United States Constitution limiting government to very specific and enumerated duties would go along way to reducing illegal immigration.

Government's responsibility is not to protect its citizens. Rather the primary function of government is to protect the inalienable rights of the individual as stated in the Declaration of Independence. By following the principle of private property rights the individual then becomes responsible for protecting his own property. The so-called immigration invasion can then be addressed through private ownership of all property resulting in each individual being responsible for protecting his own land.

However, government owns over fifty percent of the property in the United States and about eighty-five percent of Arizona making it very difficult for individuals to maintain and be responsible for their own possessions. In other words government is now in the position of protecting most of the assets in the United States which emasculates the limited authority given to it in the United States Constitution.

With government owning such a large percentage of the United States, government also now interferes greatly in the lives of individuals through the welfare state. The welfare state requires an increase in the number of laws, rules, and regulations resulting in increased illegal activity. With the increased amount illegal activity must come the increased amount of military and law enforcement personnel resulting in increased violence and death.

There was a gigantic immigration invasion in the early part of the 20th century, but there was not much of an uproar over it. The reason being was the United States government adhered pretty much to its constitutional duties, was a republic, not the empire it is today, and today's welfare state was practically non-existent. Military personnel were not stationed on the border and individuals were pretty much free to travel and trade as they liked. America had pretty much an open border, open immigration policy. Less violence and death and less criminal activity ensued.

If less violence and death, peace, and goodwill are the objectives, the United States government must relinquish its hold on the vast amount of property it owns in order for individuals to be responsible for their own property. It must also rid itself of the welfare state that has been created in order for individuals to be responsible for their own lives. The United States government must stop being an empire to the rest of the world and revert back to the republic it was established to be and adhere to the limited functions it was given in the United States Constitution. Illegal immigration then becomes a non-entity and greater peace results because freedom and individual liberty exist.

Mr. Ricardo Valenzuela, advisor to recently elected president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, president of Liberty Americas Foundation in Tucson, and former rancher, banker, and editorial writer, will be the featured guest at The Freedom Library Annual Education Forum November 2 at 7 PM at the Booth Machinery conference hall located at Araby Road and 30th Street. His topic, "The Future of Freedom in Mexico and Its Impact on Arizona and the United States" is a very timely one.

Tomorrow night at 7:00 at The Freedom Library the Yuma Freedom Discussion Society will view a feature length film entitled, "A More Perfect Union – America Becomes a Nation," depicting the creation of the United States Constitution. The public is welcome free of charge and refreshments will be served.

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