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Proud to Be a Republican?

Proud to Be a Republican Fun Video - You Tube

Proud to Be a Republican Fun Video - My Space

It's a side of Rachel, your cool editorialist, lyricist, and video producer you've never seen before (unless you worked with her at Air America Radio Phoenix)!

Special thanks to Richard Dugan for his voice and audio production talents.

*The MySpace link is now up and running, too. Spread the word! Thank you.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Very interesting. How many 'er, forgive me, estimated man-hours did you and the others put into this video?

Was this your first? (if so very, very impressive)

What tasks taken to assemble your project required the most work?

Loved the credit to the right-wing at the end for its contribution to your project.

I am obviously interested in figuring out what resources might be devoted to making similar pieces.