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And You Are Thinking of Voting for the Incumbent? Toss Them All (Part One)

"How bad does it have to get before we do something"? Richard Mack, PBS Senatorial Debate, 10/18/2006

According to CNN polls 68% of Americans believe that the United States is headed in the wrong direction. Sixty four percent of Americans oppose the war in Iraq. Sixty one percent disapprove of President Bush's job performance and 71% disapprove of the job that our robber baron Congress is doing! And you are thinking of voting for the incumbent?

Congress can vote to torture American citizens, debate gay marriage, extend permission to read our emails and eavesdrop on our phone conversations, conduct unwarranted searches and seizures and give away the middle class and its children's economic and social heritage through the passage of various free trade agreements. Meanwhile, nothing is done about the price gouging of the oil companies, the monopolistic pharmaceuticals and the Food and Drug Administration which rubber stamps every dangerous pharmaceutical product to come down the pike. Congress refuses to deal with the impending insolvency of social security and Medicare and our broken educational system brought about by the adoption of such socialistic UNESCO policies as Goals 2000, School to Work and No Child Left Behind. In six short years, the Bush administration and his lackeys have gutted the Constitution. American citizens are now legally defenseless against their own government with every one of the Bill of Rights Amendments having been negated except for the provision which prevents the quartering of soldiers by private citizens. The rest of the Bills of Rights are GONE! And you are thinking of voting for the incumbent?

Under the present government, we have become the most hated and feared nation on the planet. Our staggering debt promises to someday bankrupt our country and force our children and grandchildren to someday leave America to find work. Under this Congress, they have allowed a one-sided trade agreement to exist with China which financially rapes the American middle class worker. Tariffs exist on one side of the Pacific, but not the other. This is all being done so American corporations can exploit the one dollar per hour cheap labor that China can offer. This is the American Congress doing this to the very American people that elected them. And you are thinking of voting for the incumbent?

Our schools, hospitals and a multitude of social services have been destroyed by the onslaught of illegal aliens coming to this country who are partaking in our resources but do not contribute back into the system (i.e., taxes). Congress does nothing to prevent tens of thousands of people crossing our borders on any given day. I don't blame the immigrants, God bless them, as they are only doing what they feel they need to do in order to support their families. But how many poor people can we take on without bankrupting every facet of our social services? How may "third-worlder's" can we assimilate until we become a third world country ourselves? In reality, the illegal immigration issue is largely a Congressional smokescreen issue which camouflages the provisions of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). CAFTA promises to bring tens of millions of "guest workers" to this country to take American jobs with individuals who will work for about 30% of what American citizens will work for, without benefits. But what is our carrying capacity needed to absorb this unprecedented migration? Where will we find the water, food and the money to build the necessary infrastructure? Instead, what does Congress do? Amazingly, they respond by building a 700 mile fence to cover a 2000 mile border. One has to wonder, is the fence designed to keep illegal aliens out, or to keep United States citizens in? Why are the "illegals" here? Why are we legalizing the soon-to-be former "illegal aliens" through the CAFTA guest worker programs? The answer is simple; the great American bordello, that we call Congress, is catering to the corporate interests who desire cheap labor even at the expense of sacrificing our American way of life. And you are thinking about voting for the incumbent?

The Ohio and Florida elections have taught Americans that we cannot even trust our election results. With the use Diebold election machines, and without confirming hand counts, Congress has placed the integrity of our elections in serious jeopardy. This Congress has done nothing to correct the problem. Congress has no interest in protecting election integrity as it relates to the "will of the people". And you are thinking about voting for the incumbent?

This Congress has moved in the direction of allowing a propaganda machine type of media to exist by forsaking our previous FCC regulations which prohibited monopolistic media ownership. Today, under the new FCC policies, six corporations own nearly 100% of the media. And now, Congress is attempting to give control of the previously neutral internet to their corporate benefactors. This will result in the censorship of the last form of free expression left in our country. And you are thinking about voting for the incumbent?

Haven't you had enough? How bad does it have to get before you will vote for a change? Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) and Ron Paul (R-Texas) deserve to be returned to Congress. However, if we are going to preserve what's left of our future liberties, every other incumbent, from sea to shining sea, must go. Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference. Every one of these robber barons must go! Your future depends on it.

How can you even think about voting for the incumbent?

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