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And You Are Still Voting for the Incumbent (Part 3)? Battle Stations: The Land Nazis Are Coming For

In the past week, the Arizona Republic has led an all-out assault on Proposition 207 with daily editorials, posing as news stories, that are designed to purposely fool the public into not voting on behalf of protecting their personal property rights.

Myth Number One- Proposition 207 is not needed because the Bailey Brake Shop Case Arizona Appellate decision which presumably proves that Arizona's property owners have all the protection that they need. Nothing could further from the truth. The Bailey case was adjudicated in 2003. The Kelo Supreme Court Decision, which allows cities to take your land and give it to a developer if it increases tax revenues, was decided in 2005. Deceptive? You bet! Clever? Perhaps. Proposition 207's opponents are counting on voter ignorance. Insulted? You should be!

Myth Number Two- Municipalities will not be able to effectively manage growth because they will lose their present ability to take land for public purposes (e.g., highways, schools, etc). This is blatantly false and the Republic and Arizona's mayors know it. Proposition 207 merely prevents municipalities from taking private land and giving to private developers. It also prevents municipalities from enacting zoning changes which devalue a citizen's land without proper compensation for the property owners' losses. Arizona's mayors and their developer friends want to retain their ability to take your property whenever they desire.

Myth Number Three- If Proposition 207 passes; it will raise taxes by over $6 billion dollars because of the law suits that will transpire from property owners who have been victimized in the past by these illegal land grabs. Opponents are basing their argument on Oregon's law which is retroactive. Proposition 207 is NOT retroactive and does not contain ex post facto provisions. City officials and the Arizona Republic are either woefully ignorant or have been caught deliberately lying to the voting public.

Myth Number Four- If Proposition 207 passes, Luke Air Force Base will close because the cities will not be able to take land and homes from private cities to prevent encroachment. Two federal laws (Public Law 101-510 and USC 10) render Arizona's local governments helpless when trying to zone a buffer area around a military base as, by law, their actions cannot even be considered by BRAC when deciding the fate of a military base such as Luke. In reality, Luke's days are numbered. Despite the fact that the Arizona Republic has ignored the initial round of base realignment and closure actions by the Pentagon's BRAC Commission, Luke's operating capacity was reduced by over 25%. Earlier in the year, Luke was reduced in size, again. In short, Luke is being phased out by the U.S. Air Force. And Luke should be phased out. How can a fighter base exist in the middle of city that is home to over four million people? Why the Republic has not reported these events is very telling. If you doubt these statements, I would invite the reader to go to Air Force's website and click on BRAC and scroll down and find Luke and read the actions that BRAC took against Luke in the last two rounds of BRAC activity. Whether Luke closes or not, Proposition 207 will have nothing to do with it.

Myth Number Five- If Proposition 207 passes, Arizona will lose its water rights. The argument is shaky and unclear as it was first unveiled in this week's Republic. This is simply a case of piling on because the previous arguments have been effectively discredited. The facts do not support the Republic's logic.

We should not be surprised that if in Monday's Republic, there will be a last ditch effort to, once again, sway the voting public with even more myths on why Arizona should not protect their personal property rights.

If Proposition 207 passes, the Valley's mayors will lose their ability to raise taxes solely through the use of land seizures.

If Proposition 207 passes, these same mayors and city council members will not be able to reward the very developers who contribute to their campaign coffers through the seizure of your land unless it is for a public purpose.

If Proposition 207 passes, the Arizona Republic will have wasted an inordinate amount of valuable print space in order to keep their developer-advertising friends happy.

If Proposition 207 passes, Arizona property owners will rest easier knowing that they will not have to ward off the land Nazi's for at least two more years.

Whether it is Shafer, Scruggs or Gordon, every mayor and city council member, in Arizona, should be turned out of office for opposing the protection of personal property rights. The right to own and control private property is the most fundamental of our time-honored principles in the Constitution. Any politician who would abrogate this right needs to be removed from office. And right now, it is hard to find a mayor or council member that does not want to play God with your property.

Proposition 207 is necessary because the good citizens have found it necessary to organize themselves in an attempt to protect themselves from their own land-grabbing government. I strongly urge a Yes vote on November 7th.

And you are still voting for the incumbent?

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