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Loud Sounds of Government Causing Deafness

When one continually listens to extremely loud music, the intense sound can and in some cases causes loss of hearing. This is the reason doctors and moms recommend to individuals and their kids not to work in extremely noisy areas without hearing protection or turn the volume up on their radio or CD player.

The sound of government is so loud today that a vast majority of individuals have lost their hearing and become deaf to the ideas of liberty expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The sound of government is so loud today that a vast majority of individuals do not even recognize that America is now a socialist state and that freedom is so restricted that individuals think they are free just because they have the freedom to decide which channels they listen to.

America is no longer a free society nor does it embrace a free enterprise system as espoused by the individuals who founded the United States. There is not an individual activity that some form of government does not regulate or control. Yes, race segregation has ended. There is greater tolerance for Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, and others who are "different." Women get to vote now. The capital gains tax has been reduced and the estate tax has been practically eliminated, although only temporarily until 2011. All of this has enhanced individual liberty.

However, Americans live under a national government instead of a federal system of government created by the Constitution. Government now allows the president of the United States to take its citizens into war at his discretion. Americans now live in an America where the right of habeas corpus, the most basic of all rights an individual possesses, is now suspended. Government authorities now have the power to use eminent domain however they see fit and infringe upon an individual's property rights.

Government officials restrict the individual from owning and bearing arms for self defense against government authority. Government wages a war on drugs that includes the prosecution of individuals who harm no one but themselves. Freedom to speak one's mind is now restricted through the McCain-Feingold law and other laws. Government officials control health care, education, communication, and transportation of all kinds.

The tax code, through which government obtains its funds, is practically incomprehensible by the average individual while the individual pays almost fifty-percent of everything he earns to a government authority. Tariffs on many agricultural and other products and subsidies for many businesses outrageously increase the cost of goods and services to the consumer.
The control of employees through employment and minimum wage laws restricts individuals from obtaining jobs, forces jobs overseas, and again increases the cost of goods and services to the consumer. The increased growth of government agencies from the mere four cabinet positions when Washington took office to the thousands of federal, state, and local government offices today costs the average family of four $50,000 per year just to support and makes it even more difficult for individuals and families to increase their standard of living.

The sound of government is so loud today, it is screaming at everyone making them deaf and hard to hear the positive thinking of the libertarian ideas of the founders of America. Maybe over the course of the next two years a critical mass of individuals will recognize that it does not matter who is elected unless those elected embrace the libertarian philosophy of abiding by the Constitution and the precepts of the Declaration of Independence.

By holding true to the libertarian ideas of the founders the volume of government can be turned down so that individuals will be able to think. Living in a less noisy environment and being able to think straight is beneficial not only for the individual's hearing but his liberty and freedom as well.

Thursday, November 16, 7 PM at The Freedom Library the Yuma Freedom Discussion Society will review the video presentation given by the late Harry Browne, libertarian party presidential candidate in 1996 and 2000, about how the libertarian ideas of the founders are not a lost cause.

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