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Thanksgiving in the USA

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day of reflection and giving thanks for all we have in our lives.

So I wish to be thankful that I live in a nation where my government does not run around the world starting wars, conscripting our young to expend their liberty and blood in foreign lands, interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, or blocking commerce between our nation and international businesses.

I am glad the founders of my nation wrote the documents that formed my nation so that the government would never have the power to print money, which they knew would eventually be printed into an excess of worthless currency.

That people would be free to do as they please so long as they did not initiate force or fraud on another person, or trespass on private property.

That government would not be able to confiscate the property or earnings of its people.

That I live in a nations whose government is dedicated exclusively to protecting individual rights, and existing for no other reason.

That I live in a country where the Executive branch blocks the mischief of the Legislative branch, as does the Judicial branch. Where the Legislative branch blocks the mischief of the Executive branch, as does the Judicial branch. And the Judicial branch is blocked by the Legislative branch, and the Executive branch from mischief. Where neither branch would collude with the others to tyrannize the populace.

I am glad I do not live in a country where hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations exist, which we are held responsible for following throughout our daily lives.

I am glad I do not live in a country where a tyrant can knock down doors at 4 in the morning without knocking, toss anyone they seize in prison, without allowing them to contact anyone, torturing them to extract confessions, holding show trials where evidence is produced by torture or through hearsay, and in which the accused is not allowed to either confront the accusers, or examine and challenge the evidence.

Yes. I thank God, or G-d for my observant friends, that I live in the good old United States of America, were I am free to become the best that I can be — home of the free, land of the brave.

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