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Liberty Works

Government does not work very well because turning something like the determination of wages, the cost of health care, what ought to be taught to children, or the amount of money one can save for his future transforms those and many other decisions from a scientific, educational, medical, or financial matter into a political issue to be decided by elected officials who have no vested interest in the outcome except to be reelected.

Government is force and the only reason to turn any decision over to government officials is to force people to do something they do not want to do, force individuals to pay for something they do not wish to pay for, or forcibly prevent individuals from doing what they wish to do.

Force is the least efficient means for achieving social change. Any business person knows that intimidating employees and customers rarely winds up with the desired result. One has to motivate or persuade individuals to do what one desires, not coerce them.

Because government is force, its programs are doomed to fail from the start. All one has to do is look at the war on terrorism, the war on poverty, the war on illiteracy, the war on immigration, or just the war on people in general and see the disastrous results of government in action.

Elected officials and many others want the rest of society to believe that there are more than enough goods and services to provide a good standard of living for everyone in America and around the world and that all that is needed is to do a better job of redistributing them more equally. What individuals forget is their own human nature. Once government confiscates what is produced by the producer and gives to those who do not produce, the supply shrinks and the demand skyrockets. So individuals should not be surprised when unemployment increases, prices go up, and more businesses fail as a result of the recently passed increased minimum wage. If the congress passes its minimum wage proposal the effect will be compounded.

As government officials tighten building codes, increase regulations to do business, and make criminals out of those who hire "illegal" immigrants, individuals should not be surprised when the cost of food increases, unemployment goes up, and more businesses fold with less wealth being made available for the very individuals that government officials say they are out to help.

The cost of education and health care has skyrocketed in recent years primarily due to the intervention of government in those two all important areas in an individual's life.

Government cannot produce benevolent results because government is force. Force always results in antagonism, animosity, and war. Yes, one can force people out of work, forcibly disrupt their lives, and under duress confiscate half their earnings. However, one cannot force people to think like one does, coerce people to be good, force them to live their lives the way one thinks they ought to live, dictate wages and prices, establish how many square feet are to be provided for customers, or dictate where and when one can smoke through government force, as currently practiced, expecting to achieve the intended goal without strife.

When individuals set up a program for themselves voluntarily, they usually act as they agree to. However, when a program is forced upon them through coercion, everyone changes their behavior, the outcome of which is far different then what was intended. Individuals respond by trying to look for ways around rules they do not like. Rules and regulations do not reform individuals. Government programs promoted by well-intentioned individuals are always derailed by unforeseen consequences. The war on poverty has resulted in more poverty, not less. The war on drugs has resulted in more drug usage, not less. The war on illiteracy has resulted in more illiteracy, not less. The war on terrorism is resulting in more terror and death, not less, and the war on immigration is resulting in more individuals sneaking across the border, not less.

Government is not the answer. All propositions and laws recently passed directing individuals on how to live their lives, such as smoking, hiring, and wage determination, result in less personal freedom and more government control over the individual. Government force can only legitimately be used to fight another force such as murder, theft, rape, or breach of contract. These are all activities of force that can only be addressed through the use of force.

Liberty is always the best method to achieve any objective. Government restraint is a must if peace is desirable.

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