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Get Government Out of Christmas

In a free society individuals are not concerned about whether they can wish someone Merry Christmas or have religious displays on their property without fear of offending anyone.

It is sad that individuals today worry that they might upset someone by wishing them a Merry Christmas or displaying holiday ornaments in a public facility.

Recently, a religious display at an airport had to be taken down because it offended some people. Teachers and administrators feel nervous about even discussing anything remotely religious in their classrooms since the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) files suit against schools that appear to advocate a certain religion. It is extremely sad and pathetic how American society has devolved into a civilization where very few feel comfortable about expressing their opinion on something for fear of being sued. It is too bad the ACLU does not maintain its consistency about individual liberty and freedom of speech when it comes to religion. Religion appears to be off limits to freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is the freedom of the individual to say anything he chooses about any subject matter whenever and wherever he obtains permission from the property owner. One must get permission from the property owner to be able to use his property to spout off. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion is the freedom to say and believe what one desires without government (emphasis added) dictating what one can say and believe.

The key component of freedom of speech and religion is private property rights and the ability for the property owner to allow whatever speech and religion he wants on his property. Property rights allows for individuals to compete with one another for ideas on any subject matter including religion.

For government to enforce and secure individual property rights so that individuals can say and believe whatever they choose, government must be forbidden to own property, otherwise it would dictate speech and religion availability as opposed to enhancing them. It would be like the referee owning the football team that plays in the game he is refereeing. When property is privately owned others can listen or not to the ideas being espoused and decide for themselves what they believe.

The reason for so much distraught, confusion, and lawsuits over Christmas, Chanukah, and any other holiday in government schools, airports, and other government owned facilities is that government decides and therefore everyone must obey resulting in some being offended. There is no happy ending because there is no individual choice in the matter. When government owns anything, it gets to dictate speech. Since everyone is forced to pay taxes to support government, there is no individual choice in the matter when government does the deciding.

Private organizations and individuals, on the other hand, must persuade others to their beliefs. If individuals do not like the speech or beliefs being espoused, individuals do not patronize those organizations or individuals. This type of activity goes on all the time without much fanfare and is rarely noticed as it should be. People attend the church, synagogue, mosque, or other place of worship of their choice. They patronize businesses and others who they believe have something worthwhile for them. Peace reigns supreme and everyone goes about his business without lawsuits.

If government schools and other government owned property were privately owned, the same would take place. There would be true competition in the world of ideas. Few would fear reprisal for expressing their thoughts and beliefs. The public would choose what they believed by supporting or not supporting those schools or other institutions resulting in less litigation, more individual self-confidence, and peaceful co-existence among all individuals. Christmas bashing might still exist, but it would exist just like any other ideas exist. No one would think twice about it because individuals would know that they have a choice not to patronize that organization or group of individuals that do the Christmas bashing.

The key is choice. With government ownership, individuals do not choose. With private ownership, individuals do. Merry Christmas everyone!

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